The Minnesota Voodoo Men formed in Tachikawa Near Fussa ( The capital of garage rock/group sound in japan ) in 1998. Typical story, Ringo met Fabian while playing live at his art school. Fabian was the local guitar Madman & since Ringo played bass and had similar tastes in music they decided to form a band and got onboard, another wild man, Bamboo on drums. They started by honoring their idols samurai style and mostly did covers of 60's garage, surf & British beat with a few originals playing the tokyo/fussa underground garage scene while getting profusely inebriated and getting what “all” rockers start bands for: PUSSY Their first ever release was that THE " too much Texas driver " video mentioned above that they used to sell after the show having no records to “promote” themselves with and the next year their first album “i keep shaking my head” and “Ep Too much texas driver” on DeCKrec record label. They started to get a name for themselves but 2002 saw Bamboo leave to be replaced by Pete another madmen that the boys knew from the art schools days. They got wilder ,building a bigger following and released a 29 tracks cd album that came out in 2006 "Beat explosion" made of 3 years of recordings in different studios for Daddy-o-Nov record label Radio underground The boys went on kicking ass and perverting the youth in the provinces of japan ( sometimes even taking me along to add extra thrills) and some part of asia with their outrageous live act and were over time billed along with , to mention a few, Jackie and the cedricks,5,6,7,8 's ,Saturns ,the Neatbeats ,Gazoline, the Ghastly ones,the Abones,The Mummies...... In February 2010 they became the very first Act on HHH records with the single “No matter”.

And ,to promote the self-titled LP and EP released by soundflat records, the traveled nealy 15,000 kilometers across the europe and took by storm England, Italy, Spain, Germany, and France playing infamous shows in Tiki's Bars, Biker Clubs and even a real brothel with a selection of fine ladies as well as Funtastic dracula carnival leaving a burned out crowd to the main act night.Everywhere they went they proclaimed “vini vidi vici”with the ecstatic approbation of the local rocki'n populace.
 2011 took them to UK again expending their conquest of Old Blighty up north.
 2012 they released “Shake Your Mind”CD from Radio under ground, LP from Sound flat records. In June, they has invited  King Salami & the cumberland 3 to Japan and tour with them.
In Oct to Nov, LP release “Shake Your Mind tour”in Germany and Swiss, played in Sound flat balroom bash, halloween party and many cool clubs.they drunk too much beer and Jagermeister...
 2013 they are making own studio and planning around Euro tour...

guitar&vocal : Fabian

bass&vocal: Ringo

drums&vocal: Pete